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No bake blackberry cake
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Lahore at 24

Food photography is always exciting. Every day is filled with new colours, textures and pairings to play with, and that’s before you taste anything! With …

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Olive bread

Creativity & the Camera

Here at the Culinary Camera, we’ve photographed everything and everything that any foodie could dream of, from Bakers to street food vendors, tasters, and tastemakers, …

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MoCo Kitchen

Why Book A Food Photographer

We often get asked, ‘Why should I book a food photographer for my restaurant?’ There are so many answers to this question. However, considering we live in …

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The Kitchen Graze The White Horse

Taking food photos in a restaurant

I work with some amazing restaurants and chef patrons taking food photos for their social media, menus, websites and advertising which I absolutely love. It …

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Blueberry Tart

“I found My freedom on Blueberry Hill”

Fats Domino sung about blueberries, health experts tell us how good they are for us … me? I love to cook with them and eat …

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