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Choosing to work with a professional photographer is further investing in the future of your business. We work with restaurants, hotels, takeaways, street food vendors, Instagrammers, cookbook and magazine publishers, advertising companies, social media managers, and more - shooting food images in Suffolk, and across the UK. If you need any of the following services let’s connect.

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restaurant photography

As a restaurant owner, you’ve made a huge investment in your dream – emotionally and financially. It’s your baby. You’ve decorated exquisitely down to the last detail. You’ve searched for the perfect staff and perfected the menu. It’s amazing – the descriptions of your fare are mouth-watering.

Now you need quality images to match.

All top restaurants use a professional food photographer – so you should too. We’ll photograph your food as it’s cooked and served… your staff as they work…the bustling beauty of your restaurant in action… creating eye-catching imagery that tells a story people will want to be a part of.


food styling

Food marketing is all about the visual experience, and never has food styling been more important than in today’s fast-paced, full colour, hi-definition world.

Websites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flyers, Display Boards, Ads, Brochures and more, all put your food in front of potential customers and fans. That means it must look its best or you won’t get noticed.

We’ll work with you using a variety of techniques, props, and backdrops that emphasise texture and create context - delivering stunning images that present your food in all its glory.


food photography

Takeaways, street food stalls, cookbooks, social media campaigns, menus, and menu boards… food photographs are in demand everywhere. Whether you want highly styled images, or a raw, more natural look, we’ll capture the shots that make you stand out from your competition whilst staying true to your brand.

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