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When my husband and I ate at Fletchers, we were utterly blown away by the quality of the food, not to mention the wonderful staff and really sweet environment that we were dining in. We can’t wait to go back, and I’m looking forward to reliving the food by writing this post – it was so good!

Before we dive into things, we want to quickly mention that Fletcher Andrews was only 23 years old when he opened the restaurant in 2019. To have your own restaurant at that age shows incredible dedication and hard work, not to mention an unprecedented talent. The food at Fletchers is wonderful, and, having eaten it, it’s easy to see how Fletcher was able to open the restaurant.

The interior of Fletchers is a really wonderful space – neither too big nor too small. We really like that the restaurant itself didn’t feel stuffy or snooty at all, which fine dining places can often feel. Instead, we were welcomed to sit and eat exceptionally quickly, and the staff was all really happy to help out however they could.

We sat and ordered, and spent a few moments together before the food arrived. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, aside from that the food would probably be good, and we were both a little nervous that we might end up with a poor meal on our wedding anniversary. Now that I’ve eaten the food, I can’t believe I was ever even slightly worried about that!

To start, we had the quail, which was plated beautifully. From the quail itself to the seared sweetcorn and delicious sauces, I almost couldn’t look away. I’m glad I did, though, as it meant I got to eat the meal. The quail was cooked delicately and perfectly, as well as being portioned just right to allow us to enjoy it while looking forward to our venison.

As a main, my husband and I both had venison, which was utterly spectacular. Immediately upon taking a bite, we knew that the meal would be one of the best we’d ever had – it was straightforward, and since it was simple, the incredible flavours came through effortlessly.

The venison itself was beautifully cooked, just how we ordered it. It tasted fresh and bright, while also having that quintessential venison flavour.

The tenderstem broccoli that came with that dish was good, though it was just well-cooked veg. The thing that well and truly blew us away, though, was the pea puree – I could eat that by the bucket, it was amazing!

We weren’t sure what to expect from a pea puree, but it was so beautifully smooth and silky that we were taken aback. For a few moments in the midst of our spectacular food, we were actually speechless. It was shiny, rich, and almost velvet-like in its smoothness.

It’s rare that we eat something that utterly floors us with how good it is, but even as I write I can’t get the puree out of my mind. It felt like a revelation that you could eat peas that way, and then another revelation on top – how amazing it was.

My husband and I chatted about this meal afterwards and came to a simple conclusion – that it was the best plate of food either of us has ever eaten, anywhere. What a perfect meal to eat on our wedding anniversary!

My husband’s not so much a fan of desserts and other sweet things, so he didn’t have a dessert with me. That’s all the better for me, though, since my Mille Feuille was incredible! The pastry was so rich and flaky that I almost couldn’t believe my tastebuds. On top of that, the coffee filling with bright and smooth at the same time, with the candied pecan finish really blowing me away.

The cherry on top was the small scoops of vanilla ice cream that my dessert was served with. It was clearly made in-house, and the richness was something I wasn’t prepared for. Whoever made that ice cream deserves a medal!

All of the food we had at Fletchers was incredible, and it adds up to one of the, if not the, best meals that my husband and I have ever had. From the beautiful Mille Feuille to the divine pea puree, we know that we’ll be visiting again, perhaps for our next wedding anniversary!

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