The Work Begins Before the Camera is Picked Up

When it comes to food photography, the magic begins long before the camera is ever picked up. As the owner and photographer at Culinary Camera, I understand this better than most. It’s a journey that starts with a conversation and evolves into a collaborative masterpiece of culinary art. The process is as much about the client’s vision as it is about capturing the perfect plate.

Consultation and Planning: The Foundation of Every Successful Shoot

The first step in any successful food shoot is consultation and planning. I take the time to sit down and talk with each client, listening to their needs, understanding their brand’s identity, and discussing their unique vision for the shoot.

This initial conversation often occurs via the telephone, but once we’ve filled in the basics of what you are hoping to achieve, I arrange a meeting to really get into the details of the project. It’s also a lovely opportunity for me to get to know the client and enjoy a cup of coffee with them.



The immaculate planning and open communication lays the foundation for the entire project ahead. I meticulously map out every detail, from the lighting I need to bring to the props that both I and the client need to provide, ensuring everything aligns perfectly with the client’s vision. This preparation stage is crucial not only to ensure a smooth shoot but also to guarantee the final product truly represents the client’s brand.

Behind the Scenes: Collaborating with Chefs and Owners

Working directly with chefs and restaurant owners is integral to my process. This process goes beyond just shooting the dishes; it’s about understanding the passion and hard work of creating them. I spend time in the back of house, observing and learning about the chefs’ techniques and the ingredients they use.

Knowing which elements of the dish transform it into something truly special allows me to know exactly where the sharpest point of focus should be or what angle best captures the texture and colour. This knowledge is essential in creating photographs that are more than just a delicious plate of food.

The behind-the-scenes collaboration allows me to capture more than just stunning photographs. It enables me to tell a story – the story of the chefs and owners, their creations, and the love and dedication that goes into each dish – and the delicious ingredients, of course! 

Capturing Culinary Art: The Unobtrusive Approach to Food Photography

When it comes time to shoot, I adopt an unobtrusive approach. I work quietly and efficiently, ensuring she does not disrupt the natural flow of the kitchen. This allows me to capture the essence of the culinary process, resulting in photographs that are as genuine as beautiful.

The approach of Culinary Camera to food photography goes beyond simply making the food look appetising. It’s about capturing the artistry, the passion, and the story behind each dish. The result is a collection of images that do more than showcase a menu – they tell the story of a culinary journey.


At Culinary Camera, the work begins long before the camera is picked up. It’s a process that involves careful planning, close collaboration with chefs and owners, and an unobtrusive approach to shooting. This meticulous process ensures every image I capture isn’t just a photograph; it’s a story. A story of passion, hard work, and culinary artistry that truly brings the client’s vision to life.

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