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2023 was an amazing year for me, culminating in several awards for my work and even a nomination in the Suffolk Small Business Awards 2024, which I’ll come to in a moment!

If you keep up with my work, you may have spotted some of these mentioned over on my Facebook Page – but if not, let me share more about my journey in 2023.

At present, I operate both Denise Brady Photography and Culinary Camera, dedicated to my twin passions for capturing life’s moments as well as culinary masterpieces. I take my time crafting images that I love, that showcase my exploration of the world around me through the lens of my cameras.

Earlier in the year, I was awarded for several individual images, the first of which was at the prestigious Pineapple Awards, a testament to my dedication and creative passion for photography. This recognition motivates me to continue exploring new horizons in my work, striving for perfection in every shot.

Winner of a Pineapple Award 2023

The Society of Photographers Awards have also honoured my contributions to the art of photography, for the image below. Being acknowledged by such a respected institution not only validates my artistic efforts but also encourages me to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in my future projects.

The Society of Photographers Awards winner

If that were all, I’d have been over the moon with how my year had gone. However, it brought me immense joy in November to be shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award from The British Photography Awards. This accolade is particularly close to my heart as it represents the love and support of the people who admire and appreciate my work on the Culinary Camera side of things! It’s a reminder that my efforts to capture the beauty and essence of each moment are resonating with the audience.

Shortlisted image for the People’s Choice Award

Most recently, I am humbled to be a finalist in the Suffolk Small Business Awards 2024 for Customer Service. This nomination reflects my commitment to not just delivering exceptional photographs but also ensuring a memorable and satisfying experience for my clients. At Denise Brady Photography and Culinary Camera, the client’s vision and satisfaction are paramount, and this recognition reaffirms my dedication to exceptional service.

These achievements are not just milestones in my career; they are a celebration of the journey that I have embarked upon in the world of photography. Every portrait, commercial, stage, or food photograph is a story waiting to be told, and I am honoured to be the storyteller.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of this journey – my clients, peers, and the supportive photography community, and to those who promoted my story to the Eastern Daily Press and The Lowestoft Journal. Your faith in my work fuels my passion and drives me to reach greater heights. Here’s to capturing more timeless moments and creating magic through the lens!

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